No.9, Baggot Street Upper, Dublin, D04 KW22

No.9, Baggot Street Upper, Dublin, D04 KW22

No.9, Baggot Street Upper, Dublin, D04 KW22

No.9 By J2 Sushi Dublin 4



Welcome to  No.9 By J2 Sushi Dublin 4.
So many fish in the sea! But ours is happy:  Caught in Atlantic waters, delivered fresh from our local private fish supplyer carefully prepared by the chefs and hand-made into little pieces of fishy heaven by Jason, sushi chef extraordinaire and owner.
J2 Sushi Dublin carries a rich legacy of culinary values.and innovation.since opening our doors in the first sushi Restaurant in the country to introduce the vibrancy of American-style Sushi Roll.with our pioneering spirit.we've delighted our patrons with an array of flavoursome creations such as the ever-popular Rainbow Roll and Red Dragon.making sushi not just a meal.but an exciting culinary exploration.
our restaurant offers high-end ingredients including A5 wagyu beef from Japan.we select high-quality Wagyu beef and combine it with traditional Japanese cooking techniques to bring guest a unique taste experiecne.whether it's charcoal wagyu yakitori.or nigiri.
At J2 Sushi Dublin.we have carefully preparing a rich and diverse menu.including fresh sashimi,daily chef Omakase.unique sushi and traditional japansese hotpot called sukiyaki.and deliciours japanese charcoal barbecue called yakitori.our skilled chefs uphold traditional cooking techniques an use high-quality ingredients to turn each dish into a true work of art.they artfully craft each dish with precision and respect for the original japanese culinary techniques from delicate sashimi to mouth-watering sushi rolls.from healthy bento box to delightful tempura .their passion for japanese cuisine is evident in every bite.


Traditonal japanese cuisine served with our chef's passion.
At J2 Sushi we are committed to presenting an exquisite dining experience that will transport you straight to the vibrant streets of Tokyo.we believe that the essence of Japanese cuisine lies in the integrity of the ingredients .that's why we source the freshest produce locally and our seafood .a pivotal component of sushi .is delivered daily to guarantee its utmost freshness and premium quality.
we not only offer exquisite cuisine.but also have a selection of japanese sakes .sakecocktails.range of wines selection.these unique wines will add a touch of luxury to your dining experience,transporting you to the source of japanese culture.whether you're a wine connoisseur or want to try a fresh japanese sake.we've got you covered.
the decoration and atmosphere in our store are full of traditional japanese elements.this warm and comfortable enviroment makes you feel as if you are on the street of Japan.our service team upholds the hospitality and courtesy of japanese people and is dedicated to providing you with high-quality services.
we trust and aimed that Fall in love with our work.
whether you are looking for a delicious dinner  want to experience the authetic japanese izakaya culture.our japanese restaurant is your best choice .we look forward to your vist and bringing you an exquisite journey that will satisfy your taste buds.
we offer a Dining in and delivery services 7day a week.
we offer full service host various events.please contact with us for more information.

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 5PM - 9:45PM
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 5PM - 9:45PM

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Monday - Sunday 
 12PM - 5PM

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